Can't see what I'm doing

I'm using a Lincoln Weld-Pak 100 flux wire only (no gas) with auto dark Speedglas shade 3/10. Sometimes I could see the work but most of the time its too bright or too dark, depending on the ambient light, so I have to guess where to weld. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong or using the wrong helmet?

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Just for giggles Fred, take an old dark colored bath towel, and place it over the back of your head and the back of the mask, so no light gets in from behind. See if this helps any. It really did the trick for me. I was getting so much light reflected on the inside of the lens it was overcoming the view through the lens.

I had a very nice Jackson large window mask, I simply gave away, as the mask was very wide and the gap between the sides and my head were so big that all I could see was sky. I really noticied it when I saw an airplane flying though my weld....

thats one of the criteria now days when I test a mask...I bend over under the brightest lights in the store and see how much back light reflection I get.


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Hi Fred- You are not alone. With some fear of being arrested by the welding police, and as a last resort, smear your face with sun-block and try a gas welding mask with its lens backed up by the disposable sun glasses the optometrist gives you after dilating your eyes. Yeah, I know.... Jim.

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