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I currently have a CK-17 torch on my Thermal Arc Tig machine and am considering changing to a 9 flex head. I want to weld titanium bicycle frames and need something that I can get into the tight spaces of a bike. I am wondering if a CK or Weldcraft 9 flex head is the best way to go. Any thoughts?

I am also looking at different gas lenses and cups. I have heard that the Tika lens and cup is the prefered for most high end Titanium bicycle builders, but I am wondering about the Large Diameter Lens from CK

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the Monster Gas Nozzle
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. Any experience with these?

Thanks for any help!


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I really love flexhead torches. I have a CK230 flexhead as my main torch.

The CK gas-saver lenses are OK, but I prefer standard gas lenses. They cost less and are easier to use and get parts for.

If you are using a #3 series torch use CK #4 series gas lenses.

The only CK Gas-saver lens I do use is the extra-wide mouth lens. It was designed especially for titanium welding.

HUGE Shielding area.

It would be well worth getting for welding Ti bike frames. Buy extra gas cups as they are glass and do break.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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