Gas lens SNAFU

I recently picked up a new welder and it came with an WP17 torch.

Having realized that i'm spending money anyhow i picked up a set of collets collet bodies and a few alumina nozzles for a little variety

i also picked up a gas lens collet and 2 nozzles.... OOPS there is a back plate for the gas lens too that i missed isnt there?

or is there an easy idiot proof part number for a gas lens accessory kit with all the lenses back plates and nozzles for the Union carbide/weldcraft style torches that would meke my life easy there?

Even if i fork over a bit much for lenses i might rarely use having a few spares around if and when i oops will never hurt?

Does someone have full lens kits (Ideally weldcraft) and if so what is the part number?

Weldcrafts website really stinks for providing info it looks 3 years old and with scattered info all over the palce

Thanks Brent P Ottawa Ontario

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A very nice chart of parts.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Perfect thats EXACTLY what i needed


Ernie Leimkuhler wrote:

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Hi I have just been reading your posts trying to make sense of it all. I am very new to welding , I bought my Thermal Arc 150TE 4 days ago and have never done welding of any type before. So I have a lot to learn, thats why I read all the posts hoping to pick up usefull tips .In the post below Brent had written...

My torch came with Ceramic nozzles, I thought all nozzles were Ceramic but it appears that they could be made of Alumina too . Why would you use an Alumina nozzle rather than a Ceramic one , What difference does it make . Is one for one kind of job and the other for a different type of job. hope you dont mind me asking what must sound to you like dumb questions but its the only way I will learn . I'm hoping that one day when I know a few more answers they they will feel like dumb questions to me too but for now, they feel like they need to be asked.

Regards Don

Brent wrote:

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Don Recardo

I'm guessing, in your mind, alumina == aluminum [aluminium].

Alumina is a ceramic.

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I'm fixed up just waiting for the order from the wleding shop to come in

I also added on a few odds and ends like a tungsten order (NOthing But Pure Zirconiated and thoriated in stock) and an adaptor to take my backup torch (OLD UNion carbide 26 style torch with some type of gas fitting connector) to a GAS DINSE connector that my welder uses

Thanks for the diagram it made explaining and describing very easy

Ernie Leimkuhler wrote:

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