TIG Gas savers lens

Looking at TIG Depot they offer several different kits for my torch, CK17, of gas savers lenses.

My questions is for about the price of the full set of Alumina cups, collets, tungsten, etc. you can buy 1 size with the Pyrez cup. So is the pyrex worth the money, with the caveat I am mainly welding .120 and thinner aluminum and .125 and thinner mild steel. I have almost exclusively been using 1/16" tungtens, I think. I have been using the same size whatever it turns out to be...

Thanks, Rod

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rod richeson
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The pyrex cups are nice for really tiny work, where seeing your work is a problem.

Other than that they are a pain in the ass to store without breaking them.

The only ones I get in pyrex from CK are the really huge 1.5" diameter ones for titanium welding.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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