Linde TIG?

I have an opportunity to buy an older Linde HF-250 ac/dc tig/stick welder with built-in high frequency for $500. It has the argon cylinder, collets, cups, tungsten, foot pedal and roller cart.

It seems to be in good working order. Is there anything I should be wary of?


Jay Cups

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Compare the looks to Miller Dialarc 250 HF.

Be wary of nonworking welders.

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Sounds like a good deal to me if it really is in good working order. The nomenclature suggests that it might be a rebadged Miller DialArc

250HF. If it is, that is a very capable machine. I would not trade mine for any other before spending a fair bit of time with the replacement candidate. A guy who made his living as a weldor once told me that the guys in the shop hated it when the boss replaced the DialArc's with Synchrowaves. Before the replacement they could weld ally tanks leak-free nearly every time, after the replacement they had to do a lot more rework. Not knocking Synchrowave here, merely recounting an anecdote.
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Don Foreman

Thats a Miller Dialarc 250-HF (or is very very likely to be) and is a strong, well made and dependable machine.

Also badged as a Bumblebee. The Linde is likely to be painted green and white, the Miller, blue and the Bumblebee is Orange and white, but they all have the same guts/face/controls.

Thats the average price..maybe a bit in your favor. It does have a cooler?


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