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Hi guys. I have recently been given a TIG welding attachment for my Oxford ac stick welder. I am trying to find details of this piece of equipment. I'm in UK so the names may not appear familiar to those of you west of Ireland. The box is deep red measuring 18 x 11 x 9" with a handle on each end and a small window in the top. There is a nameplate on the top of the box which says High Frequency Unit For Use With Argonarc Welding Process Serial No. 83 SA 024 There are connections for both welding cables, a mains lead and a foot switch.

I know a little about TIG welding but what I could really do with is some details of this unit if anyone recognises it. Thanks in advance.


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High frequency is added to a Constant Curent power source for TIG welding. It allows you to start an arc without havigto scratch your tungsten in DC, and stabilizes the arc in AC for aluminum.

Argonoarc was a short lived (thank god) name for TIG welding using argon shielding gas, instead of Heliarc, which used Helium Shielding gas. Linde dropped the name and eventually went back to calling it all Heliarc. ESAB , who own all the old Linde stuff, still uses the name Heliarc for their TIG machines even though very few people use Helium any more for TIG.

That box should give you a contactor control and a high frequency start when you hit the foot pedal. It might have the option for continuous high freq. for welding aluminum with AC. If all you have is an AC buzz box, you will not have much luck TIG welding steel off of it. Get a DC buzz box for Steel.

You will still need a TIG torch with a gas valve built into the handle.

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