Good guide to 3 TIG rods

Hope it is ok to post links here.
I have yet to make my first TIG 'dogturd', so I found this guide quite
The dude also has some great videos on welding.
begin 666 TIG Welding Rod Guide.doc
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Let me recommend the "welding calculators" available for order from the Miller site for around $5 for the full set. These are cardboard slide chart type calculators that will give you good starting parameters for a given type of weld. Slide the chart to the appropriate weld layout (butt, lapp, etc.), find the correct material and thickness and read out the recommended starting parameters for the process. There are separate calculators for TIG, MIG and stick, and a pouch to store the calculators in. Well worth the modest cost. There are also some good guides and tutorials on the Miller and other equipment manufacturer's sites.
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