helmet/hood for kids and women

Recommendations for a brand and style no. of a helmet that are sized for smaller heads (for women or kid's with heads smaller than than my big scand. blockhead)? A hand shield won't do. Regular shade 10. These will be observers. I did a google groups search and found nothing. TIA

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I had a female student a few years back with a really tiny head, and hands. She ordered a special headgear from Speedglas for her hood. The headgear consisted of an elastic band system instead of a ratchet. It worked for her.

She also had to order special Tilman Extra Small gloves

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Ernie Leimkuhler

I remember one guy with a 6-1/2 hat size putting my football helmet on and looking out the ear hole. It was custom made 7-7/8. Now with my fat head, I wear an 8. My brother had the same size helmet, but broke both of them his senior year, the last helmet in the last game of the season.

My problem is I can't find a welding cap to fit, so sometimes I feel a spark hit.

Pete Keillor

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Peter T. Keillor III

"Peter T. Keillor III" wrote

I have that problem, too. I buy 7 5/8 or bigger any time I find them. They say I have an unusually large brain, or an unusually thick skull. Tests were inconclusive ...........


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Well, Ernie could easily smash the hands & heads of anyone in need of swelling... I hear that press can do wonders..


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You might want to take a look at the flip front welding mask offered at Northern Tools. It's listed as item# 164561. It has an adjustable elastic strap that should fit any head size. At 5 bucks each I'm going to order a couple for my grandkids.

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Hope this helps.

Mike H.

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Mike H.

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