Hooked up my Idealarc 250

Finally wired up my old Lincoln Idealarc 250 last night and burned some ancient 6013 rod, DC straight polarity. I'm new to stick, I bought this machine to learn. Very smooth arc and very easy to start. I'm going to have some fun playing with this stuff. The machine is from the mid to late

1970's, very clean inside, powered up and apparently has no problems.
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I have one. It's my favorite stick machine.

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While Im the farthest thing from being a welder as one can imagine...I still like the old transformer machines on the whole.


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Ditto. One thing nice about them is that they are relatively easy to figure out. Almost everything is quite visible. I can look there and actually learn something. Another thing that I like is that I can reach inside and make changes, even though I am not a rocket scientist. For example, I had to rewire HF arc start circuit, and it was very straightforward.

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