how to heat treat??

I was wondering if some in this n/g knows how to heat treat metal. I did it in high school many many many years ago. I remember heating to a certain color and cooling in oil and re-heating and cooling. But, can't remember the exact way to do it. I did a google search and couldn't find any help. Anyone have a link or any help.

thanx bill

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one of those laser temperature probes may help you know what temp you have but I'm not sure if they can measure very high temperatures.


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Go here:

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search for "heat treat" (exact phrase) in "*metalworking" newsgroup.

1780 hits.
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Bob Engelhardt

A good indicator is to use a magnet. When you have reached the correct critical temp the steel suddenly becomes non magnetic. that is the temperature you want for quenching. Once you have seen the colour you can repeat without the magnet to help. Heating too high a temp promotes grain growth which you want to avoid. Randy


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R. Zimmerman

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Rod Ryker

If you don't do this often or if the parts are worth anything or if colorblind, invest in some Tempil sticks of the correct ranges. Much simpler, cheaper, accurate for most of us part-timers.


Peterth> Here is the big list of color and use for tempering steel.


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jerry rausch

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