Regulations for transporting Compressed gas cylinders.

Hi Guys, Does any one know where I can find the regulations regarding the transportation of compressed gas cylinders ? I have done some searches and found some Federal Register documents but of course they are vague or at least difficult for me to apply to my situation. I want to transport , oxygen, acetylene, argon, carbon dioxide, and helium that are in cylinders of 4 foot height on average. One or two at a time in a private vehicle. Do they have to be upright ? or can I lay them flat with the exception of acetylene ? What kind of restraints are required ? can they be in a trailer ? how must they be secured ?

Up till now I have only transported a set of 20cu and 10cu OA that is in a plastic carrying case which I strapped down and also secured the tanks to the case. I have not been too concerned about this set up, but now that I have some bigger tanks that will occasionally need to get filled I have been wondering how to move them.


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I'm pretty sure these regs are going to say that they have to be transported upright and chained in. You could try asking the gas supplier, he should know.

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Depending on the amout you are hauling - you may need a CDL with the proper endorsements.

This is all well established HAZMAT stuff you can get from federal websites.

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In Washington State they got a real bug up their ass a few years ago and started requiring hazmat placards on all vehicles hauling compressed gas cylinders, and actual bills of laiding signed at the gas supplier. It was pretty silly, and it only lasted 2 years before they gave up. The paperwork was too expensive for the state to process.

Now they only require that Acetylene cylinders be hauled upright in a non-enclosed vehicle. All the rest can go horizontal.

You can buy rubber blocks that the tanks can rest in so they can't roll around in the back of a truck.

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