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SA 400 diesel welder (detroit 2-71 engine ) - $100 (perris ca)
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Date: 2008-04-13, 9:56AM PDT
I am selling this welder

* Location: perris ca
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other
commercial interests
I dropped him an email, he emailed back his phone number....
I called...and we chatted. Its in perfect condition..and couldnt
understand why people were calling and offering him $300 and $400.
After I made it clear to him...I suggested putting the real price he
wanted ($4500+) and putting it on Ebay with pictures. He had a hard
time understanding why pictures were important....but I think I got it
to sink in....
"why do I need pictures? Its big, its gray, its a welder"
Blink blink..nice guy..but I suspect he has been welding in closed
spaces far far too long......
Gunner, who would love to have a 500 amp diesel welder that weighs
3000 lbs....just for the Uh UH! factor.
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It sucks doing the right thing sometimes, dunnit?
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Maybe, but you earn double kharma points.
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