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I am a machining student and in my metallurgy class we are looking at some welding information for different types of process. However I am having a hard time finding some information. I was wondering if someone might have a link to where I can find the following information.

I need to find the following information:

Heat Density Melting Point Thermal Conductivity Deposition Rate Penetration Dilution

In the Following Processes:

Electro Slag Welding Electron Beam Submerged Arc Welding GTAW and GMAW Plasma Arc Laser Stick Oxy Fuel Spot Friction

If anyone can point me where I can find this info I would really appreciate it.

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Hello Chopster,

Since you have proven to this group that you have access to a computer by your request.......... I suggest doing a "Google search" using all of the above phrases and you will have thousands of 'links" TYPE Or click this link...........

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Then in the search field......type your query such as 'Heat Density" ..read it...then go on and on...

I must say that this day of information sharing on computers makes life a hell of a lot easier than the old days of going to the library. As a trades instructor at a reputable college, It looks as though you are asking the posters to do your College homework for you. To work in any trade requires intiative............ To be GOOD at it requires a hell of a lot more ............. if you are going to just throw your homework (small tasks) out for others to help you, then how would you handle a real problem when it comes time to performing your trade?

Hope I was of some help....Jim

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Jim M

Hi Jim, I have not only used Google, I have tried Askjeeves, webcrawler, yahoo, altavista, and dogoile and by using all of those search engines I have not found the info that I was looking for to get the information that is needed. I even went to the library and unfortunatly every book was checked out. I don't want someone to do the work for me, I am not that kind of person.

I am no welder, I am a machinist and I damn good one at that. I was just wondering if someone might had a link NOT THE ANSWER but a link to were I might find the information.

I am sorry if that my question offended you in any way however groups are here for help and that is all I was asking for nothing more.

Sorry if I wasted your and anyone elses time but I have put countless hours trying to find this information and have had no luck.


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I don't think you will find a site with all the info you are looking for neatly compiled for you. I think you need to make sure you understand what the first six items are. Such as deposition rate. Then search on each of the types of welding processes and try to rank each process on the first six items.

I am not an expert, but I think that deposition rate is the rate that filler metal is added. And I think that submerged arc would rank as number one on deposition rate. Spot, friction and laser would all be tied for last place, with plasma just a bit higher.


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You might try TWI and look under "jopb knowledge for welders"

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Another handy listing of websites is Ernie's

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Randy Zimmerman

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