gouging attachments for plasma cutters

Last time I was at the closest welding shop, airgas, I got this catalogue, radnor, and took it home to browse through. I notice that the 40 amp and up plasma cutters seem to have an optional tip for gouging. I was wondering if these things are catching on and replacing carbon arc gouging or are staying in the catalogues.

For me I generally use gouging to dis assemble steel instead of buying new stock. I find the arc gouging noisy and really not to much control which way the sparks go. I find the oxy fuel technique uses a bunch of oxygen and can end up with quite a bit of distortion from the heat input some of the time. We have the grinder and chisels and sledge hammer as well in conjunction with the rest of these things. Though I don't have a lot of experience watching folks with plasma cutters I expect they can't cut close like a bent trimming or bulkhead nozzle for oxy fuel.

If anyone can comment about how these things work as far as watching what you are doing and the spray of sparks and ease of not gouging into the piece you want it would be appreciated. A lot of the time there is old slag from the stick welding rods in the stuff I want to remove.



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My experience is harder to control than arc gouging (though I've not done much arc gouging), less control of spark spray than any other process (It really throws the sparks out there), and is nearly impossible to get into tight spaces. Pluses are it's faster than any of the other processes (with a big machine) and will go through some really dirty metal.

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Wayne Cook

I bought a large and small sized tip and tried it with my machine, but didn't care for it at all. Based on my limited experience you have a lot less control compared to a carbon arc.

If someone has any tips, I would love to hear them. A carbon arc requires so much air and current, it would be nice to have something about 1/3 as powerful.

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Carbon arc will likely not vaporize. :-)

I have some - but they are used to sever thicker material than that the plasma can cut. e.g. it blows out a slot and you make the slot deeper and deeper.

Often - if the plasma machine is limited to 1/2" then gouge to 3/4.

I have the tips, but have not had the requirement - yet.

Mart> Last time I was at the closest welding shop, airgas, I got this catalogue,

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Martin H. Eastburn

Carbon Arc gouging is much more accurate, but Plasma gouging works on all the other metals that carbon arc doesn't work on, like aluminum, and stainless steel.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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