Sharpening woodruff cutters

I use woodruff cutters and have trouble sharpening them. Does anyone have a jig or know of a sharpening device on the market. I use straight cutters 1 1/4 diameter X 1/4 thick, high speed steel. They are used for cutting wood, (cues sticks).

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Wood tends to dull HSS tooling fairly quickly, particularily when run at surface speeds that are in the proper range to provide free cutting action--wood is fairly abrasive.

For this reason, I would suggest consider using a carbide woodruff, perhaps a brazed variety--likely it will not need sharpening for quite some time.

At that point, suggest professional sharpening, and also at that time look into the possibility of modifying the cutting geometry to be more suitable to the expected work material--likely increased clearance angles and rake will provide freer cutting action when machining hardwood.

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