TIG fuseable link?

I fired up my Dialarc tig last night and got it going for the first time
since I bought it about 2 years ago. The fuse in the water/power line is
leaking water from a crack in the fuse housing. As I understand it this
fuse is to protect the cable in case the water flow stops. How much power
will the wire handle with no water before there is a problem? Mostly just
curious as it seems like there is not that much difference in the wire to
the air cooled torch as the water cooled one.
I now see the difference between the Harbor Freight DC TIG machine and the
Miller Dialarc. On aluminum in A/C it takes about double the current to run
a bead w/ the dialarc as the DC Harbor freight. It is easier to get nice
results with the Miller and the cleaning zone is narrower. Next experiments
are with gas lens fittings.
I am having fun anyway :)
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Usually a 200 amp water cooled torch can handle 100 amps with no water running.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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