MIG gas and other questions.


I've done a fair bit of MIG welding with a 150 Sealey welder using CO2. I've just bought a MIG300 Oxford Welder on ebay. It doesn't have a gas bottle so before I go and get gas for it my question is what is the advantage of Argon/Co2 mix or pure Argon over CO2 for welding plain old steel?

Another question: It's face plate specifies a 60 Amp fuse !!! for 220 -

240 V operation. I can cable that in but what plug and socket (or receptacle as I belive you guys over the pond would call it!) is available for that sort of current? Currently it linked for 415-480 V and it has a 16A 4 pin red plug for a 3ph 415 to 480 supply (however it only uses 2 of the cores) which is interesting as the face plate specifies a 30 amp fuse for 415 - 480 V operation.

And finaly: it has a 6 pin socket for a remote wire feed which I assume I could connect a spool gun to. Is that a standard connection? Where can I get a compatible spool gun (I may want to do some alluminium welding at some stage).

I'm in the UK (Woking, Surrey)

Cheers Chris

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Chris Glen-Smith
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