Anyone know of good web deals on plasma cutters?

Hypertherm Powermax 600 or 1000?
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I had hoped that there would be a Hypertherm factory outlet, since they're in (sales tax free) New Hampshire. I would drive 30 miles for a decent factory direct price (-:
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I've bought several things from them as well and recommend without reserve.
Steve Smith wrote:
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Jim Meyer
Go to OIC on Ebay.....I bought a hypertherm 1000 for 1,600, with the thin kerf kit and shipping it was 1700. Much cheaper thanWeiler Welding.
Rich Samuel
Never used a plasma cutter, don't know how to set it up yet but still cuts faster and cleaner that I am able to with oa.
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Rich Samuel
Keep us posted on your series of ups and downs !
Thanks, Martin
Rich Samuel wrote:
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Martin H. Eastburn

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