Mighty MIG 101 welder? (2023 Update)

I just picked up a "Mighty MIG 101" welder off eBay (for $60 with regulator). Anyone know who imported these things? I'm correct in assuming it's just the standard generic Italian MIG welder, right?


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No, but I have been using one since the 1980s. It works great with one modification. It would cut out when it got a little hot. It was a friends machine and he gave it to me as he thought it was useless. I just installed two small muffin fans in the top of the case to draw fresh air over the transformer and, bingo, it works great without cutting out.

The basic mechanism was used by a plethora of small MIG systems around that time. I always thought it was Chinese. I've been able to buy parts online as I've needed them. It is used infrequently to do repair work on old cars.

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