Miller Balancing Resistor

I have an older Miller 330ABP TIG welder and have thought of bypassing the
Balance Resistor , the resistor is made up of monel bands that are in series
with the terminal block or torch electrode , resistor is only used in the AC
mode , also use a Miller Syncrowave 350 , it also uses a ceramic wire wound
in series with AC only , would make fan on demand retrofit much easier if
these resistors could be eliminated, have been Advanced Class Ham operator
for many years , if I could understand the need for them it might help.
Phil L.
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Don't do it !
I like fans that run all the time myself.
Same here. You do HF? - 80m/40m ?
That resistor is there to dissapate the DC component that would otherwise burn up the primary transformer!
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Mr Wizzard

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