muffler welding stainless steel

I had a rude awakening. On my 93 Dodge Grand Caravan, the original factory
muffler was all stainless steel. It gave up about 2 years ago so I went to
Midas and had it replaced with their "stainless steel"muffler. Now 2 yrs
later, the pipes that are welded to this muffler are all corroded.
Obviously the muffler is stainless but the pipes are not. This is how Midas
and Speedy get you coming back.
Checking the web and the dealer it appears that the only replacement is
from Walker which Midas and Speedy buy from as well. You cannot get a
totally stainless steel replacement muffler(other than the performance type
that sound bad in a van).
I was wondering if I couldn't take this muffler, get some 2inch stainless
pipes and use my mig welder to weld these pipes on. The muffler itself
looks in excellent condition.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Use 310 or 309 filler material which is recommended for welding carbon steel to stainless steel.
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