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Hello, I am new to this newsgroup and new to welding in general. I have been searching for a plasma cutter that can cut up to 1/2 inch steel. Can someone give me guidance in choosing the proper machine. I was also wondering about the HTP plasma cutters. Thanks in advance.

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Dennis White
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HTP is a quality company with customer service that you won't find anywhere else. Their welders are top notch. They have a 90 day full price refund policy if you're not happy.


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James Arnold

ESAB has a nice portable plasma cutter, up to 5/8" cutting capacity.

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Hypertherm makes a top notch line of plasma cutters

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For a Plasma Cutter, stick with Hypertherm or Thermal Dynamics - Cost more but it's what they do - and they do it well.

check out rec.crafts.metalworking too lot's of info there

I can personally speak to the Hypertherm 1000 which I own and about which I cannot say enough.


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One thing to consider - how much electricity do you have available - volt & amps.

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What do you mean by "cut" ? Plasma cutters don't have a rigid capacity, they just lose cut quality as you go thicker. If you're comparing between them, then you need to categorise cut thickness as "neat, rough or sever the damned thing somehow"

1/2" is getting thick. You'll have to start thinking seriously about issues like compressed air capacity and electrical power capacity.

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Andy Dingley

Sort of like how I carved up the 1.5" steel plate with my 1/2" plasma cutter. I had these waterjet drops that I needed to carve down enough to fit in my saw....Ugly but it worked.

Steve Smith

Andy D>>

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Steve Smith

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