Spray or Short Circuit?

Hello all,

I am currently confused about Short Circuit welding and Spray welding on a mig welder. I am running a Miller Invision 456p with a D-74DX wire feeder. I do very little welding and was looking at my Miller welding calculator (cheat sheet) for the setting for welding 11 ga stainless steel 304. It has two different settings one for short circuit and one for spray. Can anyone explain this easily?

Thanks for all the help in the past (one year).

Glenn Houston, Tx

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Spray is not recommended for metal thinner than 1/4". It is just too hot. You could do it, but you would have to run your beads at about 60 miles per hour.

Short circuit will work much better. Make sure you have a small wire size , like 0.030" or 0.035". With stainless steel you have to keep your wire stick out extremely short.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

When welding in short circuit mode the wire hits the workpiece and short circuits, it is then pinched, breaks, the wire advances and the whole process starts again. You don't notice this but this takes place maybe a hundred times per second. This is a great setting for light gauge steel. (body-work) etc. In spray mode you require a gas with a high Argon content (You won't achieve spray with straight CO2) The wire melts before it hits the workpiece in a series of droplets. Better for thicker material. Lot's of heat and very fluid.

Hope this helps


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