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Hi, When making a WYE or a turn around, what is the best way to avoid a short circuit and keep the train moving with the least amount of hand work necessary? I can insulate the track and run line feeds, but still, how do I keep the short from happening when the engine goes over the section between the insulator?

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There are several "auto-reversing" units available; I have one from MRC for turntables, and LoysToys makes one, too.


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What DCC system are you using?


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Captain Handbrake

For a wye, just arrange to reverse the polarity of the tail track using a switch or relay linked to the adjacent turnout, then with DC you just drive into the tail track, reverse the turnout and drive out again, no need to operate the throttle reverse. Same with DCC but you will need to use the throttle reverse as the polarity change does not affect loco direction. Same principle for a ballon loop except that with DC you need to stop the train while you reverse the turnout and then reverse the throttle before continuing. With DCC just reverse the turnout while the train is running round the loop, the polarity change won't worry it. Keith Make friends in the hobby. Visit Garratt photos for the big steam lovers.

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