Plasma cutter problem/Can I use a different torch?

I have a Hypertherm Max100 plasma cutter.

It used to work great.

As of now, it has developed a problem, which is that the arc develops inside the head and burns it. Not sure why or what.

My question is, am I stuck with this torch head, or perhaps I can get a completely different torch head? Is that like a TIG torch, that I can replace with any other TIG torch?

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I believe Hypertherm has a newer torch that can retrofit on your machine.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

I don't know what torch your plasma cutter uses but mine uses a Trafimet S30 and it started to play up and the fix was simple. In operation air pressure causes the internal electrode to retract and over time the impact of the electrode on the stop had caused it to pinch the shaft so it wouldn't retract properly. I simply dismantled the torch, an easy job, and used a small 3 cornered scraper to remove the burr and all was good again after reassembly.

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David Billington

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