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I just got an antique ('85 vintage) Craftsman buzzbox and "attempted" to

>run some beads on a 1/4" plate. I was using a 6013 rod (forgot what >diameter) at about 100 amps. Just looking for comments about whether or >not I'm on track here or not. Will be signing up for a welding class at >the local community college this summer but thought that I would try to >get a head start first. Check out the attached photo of my beads. >Thoughts? >Thanks.

posting binaries on this newsgroup is a no no.

Please use the free drop box at

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I hope he doesn't. Did you see how many times this was posted?


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Ted Edwards

Just posted once, thank you very much. The binary was a picture that got split up into several (small) parts. Sorry. I will post elsewhere.

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Anyone can make a bead on a piece of steel. Butt some pieces together and get back to us.

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