"Small" MIGS?

I do a lot of race car repair and fabrication, does anyone make a "small"
MIG with a smaller than normal torch, perhaps 100 AMP max current?
Something that can get in tight spots? Cheers. Must be single phase!
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Chris, I first started with a 110Vac Miller 135 with an M-10 gun. (The smallest one made) Gets into tight spots, 3 year solid warranty. The 175 model is 220Vac. Both units are around 60/70 lbs. and the 135 is rated at 90A. The 175 is rated at 130A I am a loyal Miller guy but there are other machines from Lincoln, ESAB,Hobart- Which is a Miller product from ITW. , and a few others that the gang here can comment on. I only sold my 135 to buy a much bigger Miller. I would add the cheaper models tend to show "you get what you pay for" I shot the shit out of a Harbor Freight (Chicago Electric) a few years ago at the rifle range. It was the best time I ever had with that piece of junk. Don't skimp if you can avoid it.
Rob Fraser
Fraser Competition Engines Chicago, IL.
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I'm still happy with my Daytona Mig 145, which I'm pretty sure is a rebadged Cebora from Italy. It looks a lot like the 135 that Daytona Mig sells now:
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I'm definitly a hobbyist weldor, but it's always done the job for me. And it's 110. I did lend it one time to a friend of a friend who was in town for a SCCA race and had to do some frame repairs, and he liked it and thought he might get one himself.
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And, for what its worth, I am very happy with my Daytona Mig Pocket Pulse TIG machine, which is a rebadged Cebora as well...
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