soldering 1/8 thick stainless?

I recently was ask to quote on make a plaque for a company that has to
match some other plaque on the wall. Now this is normally not a
problem. My problem is that its basically a pan turned up side down.
The original were not press braked. They have very square edges. I
thought about welding it all together and then grinding the edges
square but its only 1 inch deep. I don't think I could do that with
out warping the edge really bad.
Now for the question. I have heard that you can silver solder and
brazing stainless. Want kind of silver solder would I need to do this
on 1/8 thick stainless 304. There is no structural load on this
thing. Once done it will just hang on a wall and never be touched
again, (except for dusting the dust off once in a while)
Thanks for any help and advice on this matter. Any idea would be
great full.
Glenn G
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If you have access to a TIG welder then you should be able to weld this 1/8" SS without too much if any warpage. If as you say this is to be decorative only then you could cheat on the corner welds. Rather than doing a full corner to corner outside filet weld, grind the inside corners of the pieces so that you only have maybe 1/16" to weld. This will be plenty strong enough to hold together and you will be putting alot less heat into the pieces.
Hope this helps, Jim C Roberts
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Jim C Roberts
Thanks for the info Jim. I will give that a shot and see what happens. I do have a Tig, I've been teaching myself how to weld with it for about 2 years. I'll post my results soon.
Glenn G
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