Stainless Steel Hammer - (its welding related really)

I was thinking about forming aluminum and prepping joints for welding
and it occurred to me that depending on the alloy its really easy to
bring aluminum into position with a hammer. I recently fit an aluminum
skin of tread plate to a waterproofed plywood seat box in a boat by
making a few strategic cuts and going to town on it with a 3 pound
machinist's hammer. It actually looks good. Well it looks good at a
distance if you squint. LOL.
I have some projects I'm considering making from aluminum, and I was
thinking that a hammer might be just the ticket for bringing some long
edges into position as I welded out the assemblies. I've got a couple
pieces of stainless flat bar and stainless angle I can use for welding
backers, but it occurred to me a plane old steel hammer might just undo
some of the work I did to prep the work before welding with.
Now I don't think I have ever heard of this before, and I'm pretty sure
I've never seen one, but I bet I could make a stainless hammer and leave
it in my welding box just for aluminum work out of some 1.5 inch round
bar I already have on hand.
I wasn't actually thinking specifically about welding when the thought
came to me. I was thinking about all the great fiberglass handle
hammers I have that have a failing rubber over molding on the handle.
I'm working on a solution for that too.
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