Stolen Truck Recovered!!!!!!!!

The police weren't involved until after I discovered the theft when the bank statement arrived. Even I was smart enough to figger out what happened as soon as I saw the check numbers of the phony checks on the statement and warned the bank about the number range of the missing checks. Fortunately the theft occurred about halfway through our bank statement cycle, it could have been a lot worse if it took longer before I became aware of the theft.
The cops said there'd been a rash of similar daytime "walk in" office burglaries in the town our place is in. The perps are well dressed and usually come during lunchtime when many offices are only sparsely occupied. If questioned they feign suprise and ask, "Isn't this the Beeswax Company?", then they apologise for being in the "wrong place" and quickly leave. A lot of notebook computers and purses that ladies leave under their desks "grow legs" that way. (As well as our business checks, those guys know what to look for.)
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Jeff Wisnia
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Or maybe a second key that turns on a Ford like starter relay that turns off and disconnects the battery. (maybe a bypass to clocks... only )
To bad about the rack - I have a rusty one here for a econo van - wide and long. I'll have to drag it down here to cut up or have a dumper take it to the dump.
Not pretty stuff for Ernie. :-)
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Martin H. Eastburn
"PrecisionMachinisT" wrote in news:
I got a good story about a stupid thief. A buddy of my father buys a 69 Camaro new. Drives it for a dozen years and it's pretty tired. It's no rust bucket, just well worn. It gets stolen out of his driveway around 81. He calls the cops and they ask him if it was insured for theft. Nope. Well the cop says, you might as well forget about it. It's probably chopped up by now. Fast forward five years, the phone rings, it's the cops. "We've recovered you're car". He says "you got the wrong number, I'm not missing a car". The cop says "are you so and so"? He says yes. "Didn't you report a 69 Camaro stolen". He says "yeah about five years ago". Cop tells him they found it and he tells them he doesn't want it. The cop tells him you're going to want this car alright. Turns out the car was stolen by some numbnut that wrecked his Camaro. He steals this car and restores it from the ground up. Puts his blown small block from his wrecked car in it, and all of his go-fast goodies. He then swaps the VIN on the dash. The cops bust him drag racing, check the VIN on the dash against one elsewhere on the car and they don't match. So they do a little digging and figure it out. They give this guy back the Camaro, restored, repainted, and about 10 grand in motor and trans mods. Nice.
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Dan Murphy
I missed the staff meeting but the minutes show Gunner wrote back on Fri, 25 Feb 2005 04:16:03 GMT in rec.crafts.metalworking :
I lucked out: got the car back, most of the contents (99%), but they stole the duffle bags - just the bags - and they left a couple Payless shopping baskets and some speaker wire. Weird part - the car wasn't insured for theft, but the contents were covered under my renter's policy.
Of course, when you get your vehicle stolen, you get everybody's weird stories. Like the gal who had her little truck stolen, and a couple days before the insurance was going to pay off, it was recovered, with a front end alignment job done too.
And then there was Kelly. Car was stolen, then recovered with new seat covers. Stolen again, recovered with new stereo and tires... Kelly really is tight with the man upstairs. :-)
tschus pyotr
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pyotr filipivich
My "I need to do this" is a Mico-Lock
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valve off a medium-duty truck - it's a check valve on the service brakes. Lock the service brake system, and unless that induhvidual can figure out how to turn it off (yeah, right...) your car isn't moving. ;-)
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Bruce L. Bergman
15 days later God gave her a massive heart attack, and multiple surgeries since then. To go with her declining health, looks and figure, her boyfriend doesnt want her any more.
Now Im taking care of her again.
Somebody kick me, please.....
Rule #35 "That which does not kill you, has made a huge tactical error"
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For the price of a steering wheel at the wrecking yard, those are defeated very easily. Something more of a deterrent would be one of those locks that prevents your brake pedal from being depressed. I've seen some cheesy ones, but there's a few that look pretty solid.
Then, there's the hidden ignition killswitch, and/or a fuel cutoff valve with hidden switch.
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Jon Anderson
Ernie, I seem to recall that you lost a hefty supply of hard-to-replace welding rod with the truck. Were you lucky enough to get that back?
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Leo Lichtman
I missed the staff meeting but the minutes show Gunner wrote back on Fri, 25 Feb 2005 08:38:36 GMT in rec.crafts.metalworking :
You're doing a good job of it, yerself.
Now, what was it the Ghatma said about overcoming ones own desires? Think of it as working off bad Karma in this life. :-)
tschus pyotr
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pyotr filipivich
Nope. The only thing left in the truck was the bedliner.
When my Mom got the truck back to her house last night she did a quick inventory. She found a 2 drawer steel file cabinet in the bed, 2 pair of big heavy bolt cutters behind the seat, 3 car stereos on the passenger seat floor, and a pile of legal paperwork from the guy who was arrested driving the truck.
The in dash stereo was gone along with all the speakers.
There was a bunch of trash in the cab, and the sliding rear window is broken. All in all, I got off easy.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
you are a welder. sit down, have a cold one, think for 5 minutes, impress the hell out of us with something totally unique and new.
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don't bother with the wheel lock....either get a removable steering wheel or wire in a hidden ignition switch up under the dash somewhere. Just wire it to ground the ignition when closed.
Glad to hear you got the truck back!!
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James Arnold

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