Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 81 Vs. Hypertherm

Having fallowed this newsgroup for sometime I know that this
particular subject has been REALLY gone over in the past but I have a
few more questions that haven't addressed.
Looking at the spec sheet for both the Powermax1000 and the
Cutmaster81 I noticed that while both are 60amp machines, the
Hypertherm cuts almost twice as many inches per minute that the
Thermal dynamics. I am wondering if Hypertherm is being overly
optimistic and Thermal Dynamics more accuratly reflect reality?
A saleman that I talked to said that now that the Cutmaster81 uses a
new tourch design that dosen't use high frequency and now the
consumables last just as long as Hypertherm. Is this true?
The salesman also said that the Hypertherm used auto voltage switching
that shouldn't be powered by a generator but the Thermal Dynamics with
no auto switching was fine being powerd by generator. Opinions???
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You need to read all the relevant info, including the small print.
Based on manufacturer's specs...
Powermax 1000 is max 60A @ 140 VDC. CutMaster 81 is max 60A @ 104-109 VDC depending on which voltage rating you use. So the Powermax 1000 is capable of producing considerably more output power (read heat). So it ought to be able to cut faster. Also, approximate cutting speeds in CutMaster literature are stated to be 80% of maximum. Maximums are listed for Powermax 1000. Without doing a analysis of the details, I would say that they are both reasonably fair representations of the capabilities of the equipment.
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