Hypertherm vs Thermal Dynamics

To all the plasma cutter folks,
I have narrowed my plasma cutter choices to either the Hypertherm
powermax 1000 or the Thermal Dynamics cutmaster 100. The Hypertherm
(H) machine is $2000 and the Thermal Dynamics (TD) machine is $2300.
But the hypertherm is only rated at 3/4" while the thermal Dynamics is
rated at 1". So $300 buys a 25% increase. I tried out both of these
machines yesterday and the TD machine will cut 1" 304 SS. The H
machine will cut 1" but only very slowly. The H brochure states that
it will cut 1" mild steel at over 10 inches/minute. Well, it wouldn't.
The guy tried to tell me I was traveling that fast but I was counting
but there was no way it was cutting that fast. The TD has 80 amps max
output and the H has 60 amps max output. The H machine has an air
regulator and it appears that the TD machine doesn't.
Any ideas or opinions?
Eric R Snow,
E T Precision Macshine
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Eric R Snow
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I've been very happy with my Powermax 1250. Consumables ain't cheap but I haven't been eating them either. Been cutting mostly mild steel (1/8" to 1") and aluminum (1/8" to 1/2") at good speeds and finish. Before getting this I actually considered getting a sheet metal sheer for the 12 gauge - don't need it now. It also comes with an interface for CNC control.
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Lucky Strike
ThermaDynamics--112V * 80A = 8960W
Hypertherm--140V *
60A = 8400W
Doesn't look like at 25% increase to me.
FWIW IMHO they are both fine brands. The Hypertherm unit does indeed have a regulator.
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I didn't notice that the voltage out was different. That does indeed make them closer than what I posted. Thank You for pointing out my mistake. Still, the Thermal Dynamics cut faster on one inch mild steel than the Hypertherm. Eric
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Eric R Snow
The Hypertherm includes its own power supply?
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