Hypertherm 1000 Good Plan?

After reading here and talking to friends, I was just about to go for
a Thermal Dynamics pakmaster75 xl + but then I looked at the
Hypertherm Powermax 1000.
They are about the same $, but the powermax literature claims a faster
cutting speed. For example, ½" mild steel is 42 ipm with the powermax
and maybe 25 ipm (eyeballing their chart) with the pakmaster.
I can see this being an advantage, but then what if you *want* to go
slow with thinner material? The pakmaster is adjustable from 15 to 60
amps while the powermax only goes down to 20. If the powermax can
actually cut thicker material with the same 60 amps then does the
pakmaster have an advantage at the low end with it's lower capacity
and lower amp setting? I will cut a fair amount of 16ga. mild.
The thing I like the best about the powermax is that it seems well
suited for a do-it-yourself CNC plasma table. It does not use
high-freq start and has a CNC interface. I'd like to leave that
option open down the road.
Thermal Dynamics is coming out with a Cutmaster type line that does
not use the high-freq start either (supposed to be this year). I
dunno if I want to wait and see.
I'd appreciate any advice or filling of the gaps in my judgment here.
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Go for the Hypertherm, they are definitely the leaders in plasma cutting technology. The Thermal Dynamics cutter work fine, but they aren't evolving as fast as Hypertherm's.
Hypertherm has the best plasma torch in the business, with the longest life parts around.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Plasma consumables are expensive, and you certainly use them. Hypertherm (what I use) reckon their magic torch technology gives a longer lifetime on them.
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