Titanium Wire Sticking

I am welding .020"-.050" Titanium fillets for a weld test. No burn-through or suck-back allowed. Full root penetration to x-ray spec. When running the bead, the rod tends to "stick" to the fillet sides as I pull the rod away from the puddle. Any tips to minimize this effect? Increasing the amperage tends to cause above weld failures. Any help would be appreciated...thanks...PAF.

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Paul Fairley
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Rod: 1. The rod is being fed at toooo great an angle.

  1. Or the rod is toooo large. (That's what she said ;)
  2. Or there is tungsten contamination, *ALWAYS* break off the tungsten below the *BLUE* contaminated mark, and grind with a wheel that is *DEDICATED* to tungsten only. Make sure to finish grind the tungsten in a *VERTICAL* position. -- Rod Ryker... The intricacies of nature is man's cannon fodder.
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Rod Ryker

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