to braze or tig

hello all,

been gone a while and quite sad to see all of the spam on the group using Thunderbird to read it.

ok to the gritty

i have a stainless exhaust ( .039 wall )on my bike, brand new and shiny.

it is a multi piece affair and i want the joints ( slip joints ) to be relatively rigid and sealed. some of them are quite close to the head.

my options are to tig weld the joints using my 150sth .

this would fit my needs well.

my other option would be to back purge and braze it with silver braze and tons of flux

i plan to ceramic coat the entire thing inside and out after wards i will be doing this on the bike for the most part. material is .039 all joints are slip joints with @ 1" of overlap

i will be adding a crossover to the three main header branches , but will tig this off the bike after i lock down the joints and add a couple of supports any comments ?

if i was to tig weld it , what should i use for my pulse settings, I have not yet tig welded with my little beauty( i have plenty of convention tig experience in the shop on a older synchro 350, but no pulsing )


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I had to dig through the online PDF manual to find the pulser options.

"Pulse Frequency: Choose from the following four intervals: .5 PPS, 1 PPS, 2.5 PPS, or 60 PPS".

The most useful pulse frequencies in that list will be 1 and 2.5 PPS. With these frequencies you can add metal on every pulse or every other pulse.

60 PPS is used for autogenous welds, where no filler rod is added. The high frequency of the pulse will super-liquify the weld pool and make a smooth weld bead.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

anyone have some info on high temp s.s. brazing alloys?

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