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Hi all, I will be over in the UK for a week or so in the middle of June, travelling from Newcastle up to Dundee by van then back again 10 days later.

Question, Any recommendations for a welding supplier? I am either going to buy an Oxy Acyt welding and cutting rig (half size bottles) or a good MIG welder.

Projects will be my car, bikes, hobby use, inventions..... not professional use.

I live up in Norway now and the welding gear here like everything else is very expensive, my uk buying trip should reduce the cost of purchase by a fair amount.

So any advice on buying the above would be appreciated.

Regards Alan

PS If there are other UK dealers with good deals going that are out of my visiting range and would have to post the gear to me, that would be fine too. Its not so important to see the gear myself.

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Try looking at the link below, I have bought a few items from them them over the last few months, their prices are a lot cheaper than what I would expect to pay locally. I know they are not on your route from Newcastle to Dundee but may give you a idea of prices etc. Regards. Ben

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