Welding cart version 4.0

hi gang

Finally finished the latest version of the welding cart. I'm hopeful I do not have to build another one (but am perfectly willing to do so if I get more stuff!)

You can see the results here

comments / questions appreciated.

Be warned - the connection is none to fast (DSL)



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This is a VERY lovable welding cart. Very well thought out. Your tow hook is a nice touch. (bet it is heavy loaded!) It's the ultimate in making "just what you need".

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Why have eyebolts on top of the 4 corners if you plan to make a cover for the cart?

Why use wood around a welding cart?

Interesting, packing so many machines onto one cart. I'm curious how it works out in practice.

Interesting, the way you did your fixed rear wheels. I take it those aren't bolt-on casters, there is one axle under the whole cart?

What did you form your hooks from?

What kind of paint did you use?

Why not just plug in one machine at a time - buying all those receptacles really increased the cost of your project.

I am planning my next welding cart too. It will have a bar on one side on which I can hang open clamps, and it will also have a 4-gang 110V outlet box for plugging in angle grinders.


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Grant Erwin

***** The eyebolts are for crane lifting - tested ok... the cover will go over the top with 4 holes for the eyelets
***** Will soon be replaced with some sort of metal grate
**** So Far so good - but it is heavy I'm guessing in the 300 - 400 lbs range
***** Fixed wheels on the back - Casters on the front (600lb rating)

The hooks that hold the wires are made from 1/2 inch colid bar The eylets are purchased from Brafasco - they are cast iron I think.

***** Was going to powdercoat but ended up 2 coats of red oxide primer and some rustolean metal paint
**** This is actually the most expensive part of the project. The enclosure is about $25 - there is about $40 in plugs the wire that plugs into the wall (6 gauge) was about $20 for 6 feet. The real expensice part was the buss bar inside the box for connecting the power inside the box. Ant the really really expensive part was the 2" Greenlee punch to knockout the hols for the receptacles on the front cover
***** My old one had this - used to run it from a 4-wire stove plug - so it had the neutral for 110V and was great for the grinder. This version is 3 wire 220V only so I loose the 110V unless I go to ground but I'm not comfortable doing that. I suggest you use GFCI receptacles for the 110 if you have ground and neutral. T
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I can't get your page to pull up at all! It has been trying to load for the last 30 minutes. It never times out, but it never loads, either.

Have you tried post> hi gang

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I gave up on it, too. From the reviews, it sounds like a neat project, and I'd like to see it. Can you work on making it more easily available.

BTW, I have a cable modem, and it can't load it. THAT MUST BE SOME BIG FILE! ;-)


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Steve B

Some nice ideas there. I second the comment on bigger wheels. I recently made 8 welding carts at work and thought the boss was wasting money on the big wheels till I saw how well they worked. I'll have to remember the offset plugs. Rosco

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Hi Steve,

No problem here on a dial-up connection. The page loads with links to a pdf file(s). I assume this is the project you want?

Direct link:

formatting link
From this page:

formatting link
It downloaded really fast for my slow connection too. Maybe he is running out of allocated bandwidth/usage? (shrug)

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Leon Fisk

It worked OK for me! Nice cart!

Steve R.

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Steve R.

"Steve R." wrote

Won't work for me. I'll just take your word for it.

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Steve B

OIC! Looks like this website network is blocked by many corporate network routers. You have to access this site from your personal network, not from work.

"Steve B" wrote:

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