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last year i got a Western Safety auto-dark (solar powered and darkness adjustable) helmet from Maxx Tool. it worked fine up until now. now when i TIG the auto-dark flickers off/on and it wont stay dark .

  1. is there anything to check to help fix this problem (the front is very clean)?
  2. does the solar panel on the helmet get eneough power from TIG light?
  3. where can i buy online a quality helmet with similiar features for around 0?


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"Kryptoknight" wrote in news:tKsNd.161701$ snipped-for-privacy@bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net:

On my Speedglass helmet, the default mode for the screen is dark, so if the power fails the screen goes dark (the only sensible way to do it). I merely assume yours work the same way (read the manual). If so a problem with the solarpanel should not make the helmet reluctant to stay dark. Sounds more like the sensor to me. If something blocks the light to the sensor it will turn on te screen (light). Henning

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henning wright

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