Which Miller TIG for thin SS.

I've been looking at the Miller TIG machines but cant decide which one
wld be the best for home hobby use. A friend said he could weld beer
cans together with his and needed to go doen to ard 30 amps. I just
need to do thin SS and maybe aluminium in the future.
Anyone know which Miller TIG would be the least expensive to buy to
accomplish that type of welding?
I've looked at the SYNCROWAVE 180 SD online only.
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That is a great machine, and would be the right one. Do not go for the Econotig.
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I love Miller machines, and currently I own a Syncrowave 250DX and Maxstar 200DX, but in your price range you should be looking at the Thermal Arc Prowave 185TSW. It runs new around $1600 and comes complete with everything except a gas bottle. It is however a invert and therefore weighs around 60 lbs instead of 200 lbs, and only needs 30 amps of 220v single phase not 60 amps.
Great machines. Mind you, the BEST AC/DC inverter TIG is the Dynasty 200DX from Miller, but it costs about $2700.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Thansk Emmo & Ernie.
Im gonna practice with the mig for the ss and see if it is workable. Then get serious abt the TIG machine.
Ive noted your choices and will esxplore their features and costs.
WRH ====
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