Which rod would you use?

I'm ready to start hanging shelves and brackets and cabinets in my container. The outside is thin steel, about 12 to 16 ga, my guess.

What rod would you use to tack on to those walls? It's too far a run to use my 175 Wirefeed. I have had good luck in the past with 3/32" 6011 run with stinger negative and run downhill.

This stuff ranges from very light to very heavy. I'll probably end up putting some through bolts on the heavier stuff just for safety.


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Pittman Pirate
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I would use 6013, and for shelves that would carry heavy stuff, I would make sure that they are supported by the floor, not by the walls.

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Would you run that rod uphill or down?

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Pittman Pirate

Downhill is about the only option for steel that thin.

3/32" 6013 or 7014 on DCEN, are both good choices. Run around 75 amps. Both of these rods assume reasonably clean base metal. If you have paint to blow through then 6011 running DCEN is a better choice.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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