9C aileron stick doesn't return to center

I have a 9C still under warranty - sometimes I find the aileron stick rubs a little against the opeing on the case, just enough to prevent the stick from returning to neutral on its on. I find that if I push down on the stick a little (in line with its axis) I can get it recentered within the opening, and it is fine for a while. But then eventually the problem comes back. Is this a known issue? I wonder if its something that can be adjusted, or I just need ot send it back for service.

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I still fly 8U's but 2 friends have 9 C's with no problems..never heard of it myself.

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Just send it in for service. Why take a chance on smething else being wrong that is causing the problem?

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Paul McIntosh

I would send it back for service. That's the joy of the warranty.

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John R. Agnew

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