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I have an Ace Digipulse but no power supply. Does anyone know what the output voltage of the power supply should be. Now this is the Digipulse, not the Super Digipulse. Don't know if it makes a difference.

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I have a scanned image of the Super manual I can email if it helps, My wall warts have an output of 24 vac at 1.8 amps Lew

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I have two in service. So I went to the shop and checked them both. One output is 24VAC 1.5 amps and the other is 24VDC and 1.something amps.

I suspect the digipulse is the 24VDC one and the Super is the 24VAC model.

Holler if you want me to dig up the third one and look at it.

Jim Branaum AMA 1428

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Ace R/C manuals at

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