Beginner RTF electric plane recomendations

I want to get a 2 or 3 channel RTF airplane for a beginner. I want to
keep costs below $200. Everything in the box appeals to me, and I'm
not interested in using servos, etc. for other planes or other uses.
I checked out this site,
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and they
recommend the Capitol Flyer which is $169 from amazon. This looks
perfect to me, but just wondered what you all think.
I am hoping to avoid the hassle of having to go to the local flying
field, which is not that close to the house. We have a very large
open field park within walking distance of our house. Hardly anyone
uses it. We've used it to fly airhog planes. Anyway, is it legal to
fly a RC plane at a park like this, or will I be restricted to the
flying field.
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l borne
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For durability, crash survivability, and beginner fun, I'd suggest the Hobby Zone; Firebird II (2 channel) or their Aerobird Challenger (3 channel). I have both & they're very tuff low cost electrics, and parts are easily obtained if needed. --
Jim L.
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Jim Lilly
I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner. Neither it, the Skyliner, or the Airstrike have enough dihedral for a rudder/elevator/motor 3-channel, in a beginner's hands, altho the Airstrike is the better airplane of the three . Megatech's other offering, the Sky Vector, is a pretty durable pseudo 3-channel. (It uses power setting for altitude control) As someone else said, Hobby Zone's Aerobird series would probably be a better choice.
Depends on your area's park regs, but if hardly anyone uses it, you'll prolly be OK. Be aware of your surroundings, tho, and keep it away from other people who might show up to use the park.
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Don't forget the Funtec (Hitec) SkyScooter Pro... With a few no-cost mods, available online, this is a fine flying, tough little park flyer.
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Bill Fulmer
Do a "capitol flyer" search on RC Groups to view other opinions:
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The Multiplex Easy Star is getting good comments:
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?s=&threadid=144078&perpage=15&pagenumber=1 Although the T-Hawk and Wing Dragon have lesser quality radios, they are also in the beginner electric park flyer category:
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#AT3301 $120 Wing Dragon (with the new transmitter design) should be on the Hobby Lobby website by late November:
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Practice on the freeware Model Flying Simulator:
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Ggunners has a T-Hawk file:
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Why not a GWS slow stick? You can get them with a radio for ~$130 can't you? They are pretty good at slow speed too.
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Greg Cisko
Go with the wing-dragon, i did and it has been an excelent park flyer
and for $120 you cant beet it from hobby-lobb
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