bluecor- socal southbay source?

Anyone out there know of a solid source for the bluecor material used in
the making of foam/fliers? I live in Long Beach and wouldn't mind a drive of
30-40 miles in the acquisition of the stuff . I tried the lowes (huntington
beach-warner ave) that was mentioned in some of the foam fly posting on
other websites but he material has either been replaced or wasn't the true
bluecor. There are a couple of other materials - an underlayment and a
protection board that are used interchangably in the construction industry
but for modeling uses, is not the same thing (the others are made of a
softer, more resilient material that doesn't lend itself. to a radio
control airframe). Thanks Pat
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I have a feeling its illegal on California - probably flammability or ozone or some such thing. There is a source for Depron in LA that advertises on craigs list or you can contact one of the foam cutting services like flyingfoam dot com.
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Hello Earl; Yes, I know of the guy- that depron isn't cheap! Spent the last 3 days trying to locate sources for this stuff- bluecor. From what I've read thus far, the stuff is available but for whatever reason, isnt distributed consistently. I was sent by a dow regional rep to a place she stated carried the stuff. Unfortunately, I had been to the same business - a siding supply house- they use it under the siding to provide a moisture barrier and fairing sheet to smooth out the surface- an hour before the call got to me! I called dow corporate/dow regional/bluelinx corporate - the wholesaler for dow, and bluelinx regional. I called their regional reps and district reps. They (dow) make 3 different products that all can be used for the same pupose with slight variations in the construction trade- they have a high performance board, a protection board and the bluecor. The high performance board and protection board have either a radiant heat barrier and (or) have the plastic film one one side. I'm looking for the dow bluecor pp- that has the plastic film (that acts as a surface sheeting) on both sides, is 1/4" thick . I found through a friend in oregon that the bluelinx guys up there use the same code to identify all 3 of the slightly different products. I'm thinking that with the different needs of the regions in the US their requirements meet the material bluecor properties in the east, but perhaps in the more arid west , any of them will work.. Don't for sure. none of the reps of the company mention why the stuff is hard to come by. Thanks for the reply. Pat
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