British modeler killed by lightening

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Lightning strike kills pensioner

A model plane enthusiast died when he was struck by lightning as he retrieved his glider at a national competition. The pensioner, who was in his 70s, had cycled across the runway at RAF Barkston Heath, Lincs, to collect his aircraft as a huge storm broke out.

He was hit by one of two lightning bolts and was later pronounced dead on arrival at hospital in Grantham.

The British Model Flying Association cancelled the rest of Sunday's events and will hold a tribute on Monday.

Organiser Roy Wright said: "There were two bolts of lightning - one which struck this gentleman and another which hit our main hangar and took out all the electrics."

He added that none of the competitors witnessed the incident and that organisers were alerted by motorists who saw what happened.

"We hadn't had a drop of rain all weekend and then suddenly this thunderstorm breaks out," he said.

"It is just unfortunately one of those freak things and our sympathies go out to his wife."

First aid staff tried to resuscitate the elderly man before paramedics arrived.

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Very sad, but at least he was enjoying himself at the time, doing his favourite hobby. My sincere condolences to any wife and family.

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Did he lose to much weight (lightening) or did he get struck by a bolt of electricity (lightning)?

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sick... no respect for people.. there is a time and a place for this kind of sarcasm and this is not one of them.

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Dell Shannon

Why is it 'sick'? The deceased did not write the article on Usenet. There is no lack of respect for the deceased because 'olderthandirt' got it wrong.

It was humor directed at the poster, not the deceased.

Lighten up. That's lighten, not lightning...

-- Dave Thompson

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Dave Thompson is sick. Someone has died yet, the response has been to make fun of the spelling mistake in the message. Don't say anything at all about the person who died, just that there was a spelling mistake.

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Robert A. Plourde Jr.

But I'm sure more models then modellers have been killed by lightening. More golfers and cricketers than modellers by lightning. Moral? Huddle under the awning or in the car if there's a hint of lightning or if someone's speed testing a model subjected to too much lightening. Otherwise tragedy can occur.

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Mark Lee

Humor is one way of dealing with tragedy. Read a psych book or two. :) Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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How was I supposed to know that it was a spelling mistake? What if that was what the poster really meant? When unsure ... ask? So I asked.

Plus, I did say something about the deceased. I asked whether the deceased died of lightening or lightning.

Plus, I didn't say the poster misspelled anything. I just asked a question as to what the poster meant since I was confused as to what the poster wrote.

When unsure ... ask? Please forgive me for trying to understand what the poster meant. I won't let it happen again.


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Mmm. Someone dies just about every second of every day of something.

Black humour is a way of keeping going when most of your friends and colleagues are dying all around you.

Its always those far remote from the events who seem to feel they have the moral authority to dictate the bahviour of others towards these things.

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The Natural Philosopher

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