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| AXI 2826/12
OK, that's *too* simple.
At the very least, Red would have to also know what sort of performance you wanted (scale Cub-like? 3D? Something in-between?) Desired flight duration? Specifics of the plane? (weight, exact size, etc.) and then he'd tell you a motor, minimum ESC specifications (there's little need to specify a specific one) battery, possibly a gearbox (though I doubt he's suggesting one for the AXI 2826/12) and a prop.
Or maybe that was Red's point, though if so he was too subtle about it. You can't just pick a motor -- you have to pick a whole power system.
| >I have a .40 size cub. The E motor specs seem complicated. Any | >suggestions?
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Doug McLaren
For good performance, steep climb but not 3-D. AXI 2826-12 on 3S3200 (minimum) LiPo or 4S A1123 - 12 X 8 APC E prop (alternate 13 X 6.5 APC E prop) 40 amp (minimum) speed controller. This set up has be applied to 72 inch Telemaster Electro and SIG Rascal 40 - both in the 5 lb range. With Cub, as with Telemaster and Rascal most of your flying will be at reduced throttle.
Red S.
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Red Scholefield
STORM 3548-900 3S Lipo - 14 x 7 prop 4S Lipo - 11 x 8 prop 5S Lipo - 11 x 6 prop
You can see it here:
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Jim Slaughter

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