Coroplast in the UK??

Anyone know where I can get some corroplast/correx in the UK please?
Had a bit of a Google but no luck yet....
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I've gone into sign makers had a chat and usually got what I required free. However it is usually an old sign or a failed contract but enough has been available for my projects. However I have worked my way around several sign makers, never two visits to one shop! Please don't try south Manchester!
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John Hollinshead
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They list a few places on the site, atleast last time I looked, unfortunately, I'm nowhere near UK. I did find a few sheets anyway, and it is a wonderful material to work with. Good luck!
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Aren't estate agent's "For Sale" signs made of correx these days?
Not, of course, that I'm suggesting you sneak out in the dead of night to "borrow" such a sign. Oh, no ;-)
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John Privett
Go to official Mugi site, they have lots of pertinent adresses. I think they call it "Corex" or something like that in GB. I find mine in renovation stores and stores specialised in artist marterial.
-- Glowboy
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