Duraplane 40 - rocks!

Hey, guys - while we're at it, why couldn't you bore lightening holes in
that heavy downspout fusalage? Anybody tried it? What diameter would you
Cheers - LeeH
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You could, but it might be hard to do plus ruining the fine aerodynamics of the plane. Also all sorts of bugs, leaves, and other field crap would accumulate inside the fuselage.
Captain Duraplane
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Mr Akimoto
Depending on placement, you might get a neat "flute" effect. Add extra servos and pvc panels that slide the holes open and closed. Can you imagine playing Flight (Charge?) of the Valkeries on the Duraflute during fly bys? So... Im sick.
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Fubar of The HillPeople
The lightening method to use with a Duraplane is to crash and replace with a balsa model. Seriously, don't worry about it. Your primary concern is to fly the thing and learn to land. You can try your hand at fancy engineering later, or on something else while you're learning to fly the Duraplane.
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Robbie and Laura Reynolds
Why bother. It's a Duraplane.......something ugly that you don't worry about crashing while learning learn to fly.
Ken Day
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Ken Day

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