engine dirty from storage

I have an OS .46FX that has been stored top side up in a very dirty
basement for two years. I am thinking I should try to clean out the
dust that has no doubt entered the engine through the carb. Should I
just pop the head and flush the thing with fuel by submerging the whole
thing and turning the shaft? I know in the future the answer is to
store the thing upside down or use a carb cover, but what is done is
done. Is there anything I should know about removing the head or any
other procedure you recommend before I do it as I am as mechanically
inclined as a basset hound.
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I would take the engine apart all the way and clean all parts very good before i started it back up. The only thing you need to know on taking the head off is to make sure if you take the piston and cly out is make sure you get it back in the way it came out there is a front and back on the cly most engine have a line up pin but i have seen some that dont. If it dont make a mark on the cly sleve and the block so you know what way it came out Just watch real close as you take it apart there is not a lot that you can do wrong. take pic's of the engine as you take it down just in case you forget something. all should be ok if you need any help just let me know and i will be galde to help you out. snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com
Thanks George Thomas AMA 817004
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George Thomas
Do NOT, repeat NOT turn the crankshaft! Dust is very abrasive and it might ruin an otherwise good engine. Take the engine completely apart and clean it with fresh fuel. Go slow or enlist the help of a more experienced engine man.
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