I have a Tenual engine [ V twin } from an APU , Wont run.

I ended up with a Tenual engine without anything attached . I build replicas of vintage motorcycles , and thought to utilize it. Learned about WICO magnetos and now have fire. It will run for 2 seconds if I put gas in the heads. I have removed the carb and ensured that every jet and port is clean. NO DICE This unit is started with a wound " pull rope " and I,m too wimpy to keep pulling. Not too familiar with updraft carbs , but understand in general. Nice looking ! I wonder also about its displacement ? This one has another name , which I have heard mentioned ? There is a lower arm that also works the throttle INSIDE of the case . I assume it is some type of govenor , but not certain . Any help would be great ! I cleaned and worked this thing all day!____****** [IMG]

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I do not know about motorcycles but it appears that you have a starter motor from a WWII B-17. Not really sure but it sure looks like it. Could also have been used in motorcycles. They are designed to be run "upside down" with the carb below the engine (something about reducing the chance of engine fires). Sometimes these come up on Ebay and they can be quite expensive even though there is not much call for B-17 starters. Good luck.

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